Feb 7 Symposium on Galileo at UCLA

the Pendulum, the Pen, the Lute

A symposium exploring Galileo’s influence on and connections with science, literature, and music.

Friday, February 7, 2014
University of California, Los Angeles  |  Royce 314


Friday, February 7, 2014
Royce 314
8:30 am Coffee, pastries, fruit
9:00 Welcoming Remarks
Massimo Ciavolella, CMRS Director, UCLA
Session I, The Pendulum: Science and Galileo
Chair: Rinaldo Canalis (David Geffen School of Medicine, UCLA)
9:15 “The Babylonian Eggs”
Claudio Pellegrini (Physics, UCLA)
10:00 “Galileo’s Alter Ego: Niccolo Aggiunti”
Mark Peterson (Physics and Mathematics, Mount Holyoke College)
10:45 Break
Session II, The Pen: Galileo and Literature
Chair: Andrea Moudarres (Italian, UCLA)
11:00 “Infernal Planning: Poetry (Dante), Architecture (Brunelleschi), Mathematics (Galileo)”
Paolo Fabbri (LUISS University, Rome)
11:45 “The Presence of Galileo Galilei in Modern Science Fiction”
Marco Arnaudo (Italian, Indiana University)
12:30 pm Lunch Break
Session III, The Pen: Galileo and Poetry
Chair: Andrew Hiltzik (Italian, UCLA)
2:00 “Galileo’s Poetry”
Roberto Fedi (Italian Literature, University for Foreigners, Perugia)
2:45 Break
Session IV, The Lute: Music and Galileo
Chair: Martha Cowan (CMRS, UCLA)
3:00 “Vincenzo Galilei and the Musical Revolution of the stile moderno
Edward Kottick (Musicology, University of Iowa, emeritus)
3:45 “ ‘Tickling Sensations’—Tracing a Line from Sixteenth- to Seventeenth-Century Music”
UCLA Sounds Early Music Ensemble, Martha Cowan, Director
4:30 Closing Remarks

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