Reminder – Love your EMS events calendar!

A friendly reminder from your favorite RA to check out our amazing EMS events calendar.  It is almost completely full for spring – there’s at least one EMS event every week from now until April!  You can find the events calendar at the upper right of our home page. Don’t miss out on all the upcoming fun, including:

  • “The Edges of the Body: Extremities and Knowledge in Antiquity and Beyond” (Jan 31)
  • “Love by Hearsay in Medieval and Renaissance Italian Literature” (Feb 12)
  • SPECIAL Huntington program in Tudor history in honor of Mary Robertson (Feb 14-15)
  • “‘Every bodies fancy varies’: Historicizing Early Modern Sexual Practice” (Feb 22)
  • The PCCBS Spring Conference (Mar 7-9)
  • Huntington Library Workshop for PhD Candidates (Mar 21)
  • and lots of important deadlines too!

Check it out NOW:

Happie Springe!

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