Save the Date: May 16-17: “Revisiting Revisionism: New Directions in Early Modern British Studies”

In the 1970’s, historical “Revisionism” upended scholarly notions about politics, parliaments, and people.  This conference reconsiders Revisionism’s impact on our understanding of early modern British history, religion, and literature, as well as on the “big issues” – reformation, revolution, class, culture – that have always animated British Studies.

Convener: Lori Anne Ferrell (Claremont Graduate University)

Huntington Library, Ahmanson Room, May 16-17

Registration: $25, free for students
Call (626) 405-3432 or email to register.

Friday, May 16

8:30   Registration and Coffee

Welcome – Steve Hindle (The Huntington)
Remarks – Lori Anne Ferrell (Claremont Graduate University)

10:00   Session 1: Political History
Moderator: Susan Amussen (University of California, Merced)
John Morrill (University of Cambridge): “Revisionism’s Wounded Legacies”
Derek Hirst (Washington University, St. Louis): “Have we got there yet? Or, Revisionism and the Political History of Early Modern England”

12:00  Lunch

1:00 Session 2: Religious History
Moderator: Peter Lake (Vanderbilt University)
Nicholas Tyacke (University College London): “Revolutionary Puritanism in Anglo-American Perspective”
Anthony Milton (University of Sheffield): “Arminians, Laudians, Anglicans, and Revisionists: Back to the Drawing Board?”

3:00 Break

3:15 Session 3: Social History
Moderator: David Cressy (The Ohio State University)
John Walter (University of Essex): “Kissing Cousins? Social History, Political History Before and After the Revisionist Moment”
Susan Amussen (University of California, Merced): “The Irrelevance of Revisionism: Gender, Politics, and Society in Early Modern England”

Saturday, May 17

9:00 Registration and Coffee

9:30 Session 4: Literature
Moderator: Christopher Kyle (Syracuse University)
Steven Zwicker (Washington University, St. Louis): “Literary Criticism: Revisionism Yet to be Visited”
Peter Lake (Vanderbilt University): “From Revisionist to Royalist: Reading and Writing Monarchy”

11:30 Lunch

12:30 Session 5: Art, Image, and Soundscape
Moderator: Derek Hirst
Christopher Kyle (Syracuse University): “Revising Proclamations: Past, Present, and Future”
Karen Hearn (University College London): “Never say ‘Never’: The Inclusion of Patches and Beauty Spots in Seventeenth-Century British and Dutch Painted Portraits”

2:30 Break

2:45 Session 6: Case Studies (Monarchical Biography)
Moderator: John Morrill (University of Cambridge)
David Cressy (The Ohio State University): “The Blindness of Charles I”
Tim Harris (Brown University): “Revisiting the Causes of the English Civil War”

4:45 Closing Remarks – Lori Anne Ferrell

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