Interested in Joining the Milton Society of America?

Here are a few more MSA events, but they’re members-only. Check out their website if you’re interested in joining!  Your favorite RA will be forwarding all events together from now on, so make sure to check if it’s a members-only item, and join if you’d like!  (

MLA 2016 MSA annual meeting and conference site
We were able to secure the fabulous Vancouver Club for the January 2015 MLA annual meeting and conference via Elizabeth Sauer putting me in touch with Paul Stanwood. If any of you know of great sites in Austin, Texas that can handle 85-100 folk, please do advise since the January 2016 MLA annual meeting and conference will be there.

The Milton Society of America has been granted Associate Organization status with the Renaissance Society of America.  This means that theMSA may henceforth submit up to five panels at RSA’s annual conference, beginning with the 2015 meeting.  We will also hold a seat on the RSA Council, allowing us to participate in its deliberations and decisions. We call for panels and papers seeking inclusion in the program of the 61st annual meeting of the RSA, to be held in Berlin on 26-28 March 2015 (more information on the Berlin conference is available on the RSA website <;).  Proposals covering any aspect of Milton studies will be given full consideration, but especially desirable are those related to the following themes:
-Cultural exchange, including but not limited to the Continent
-Periodization (Renaissance, Early Modern, Long Restoration)
-Poetics of materialism
**Panels must be organized by a current member of the Milton Society of America.  Required are a 1-2 page description of the panel and a 1-2 page abstract for each of its papers.  The panel organizer and each presenter must also submit /curricula vitae /of two pages. Please send all materials by May 31, 2014 to Ken Hiltner (hiltner[at]
**Papers may be submitted by anyone. Please submit an abstract of 1-2 pages and a /curriculum vitae /of two pages by May 31, 2014 to Ken Hiltner (hiltner[at]
Please be advised that all participants in the Berlin conference must be members of the Renaissance Society of America.

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