Milton Society of America: Upcoming Events

Please see below for some upcoming Milton Society of America events (you don’t have to be a member!)

MSA Committee for Scholarly Awards
Nominations will be accepted until today, May 1, 2014, for the following annual memorial awards: the James Holly Hanford, Irene Samuel, John T. Shawcross, and Albert C. Labriola awards. For submission guidelines, please see details in the annual the booklet and on the MSA website, <;.

The Canada Milton Seminar IX
Scheduled for 9-10 May 2014 to take place as usual at Victoria College at the University of Toronto. For more information please click here. To register for the seminar, click here.

Newberry Milton Seminar
Saturday, May 17, 2014
Joshua Scodel, “Edenic Freedoms”
Please register by 10 am Friday, May 16, 2014 at

CFP for the 11th International Milton Symposium
Scheduled for 20-24 July 2015. Abstracts by 10 June 2014. Click onto the link at

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