New Huntington Database: The Cecil Papers

All ABDers and anyone looking for a dissertation topic, take note: the Huntington has a new database of William Cecil’s papers!  This is a fantastic resource, be sure to take advantage:

The Cecil Papers are (digitally) coming to the Huntington! There is a free trial until access is finalized:  For now, you must be on campus at the Huntington and connected to the HEH network (wired or wi-fi) for this site to work.

The Cecil Papers (from Proquest)

“The Cecil Papers are a privately held archive, consisting principally of the correspondence of William Cecil, Lord Burghley (1520-1598) and his son, Robert, the 1st Earl of Salisbury (1563-1612). These two men dominated the administration of government during the reign of Elizabeth I, to the extent that critics suggested that England was becoming a regnum Cecilianum. The collection documents their various official roles.”

“The Cecil Papers database offers full-colour images digitised directly from the original Cecil Papers manuscripts at Hatfield House Archives. Also included is a digitised version of the Calendar of the Manuscripts of the Marquess of Salisbury, an essential bibliographic tool that provides descriptive records for each document, including many full transcriptions, extracts, and summary abstracts.”

More about The Cecil Papers.

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