Linacre College Fellowship

Please check out the below opportunity if you are at the research (not writing) stage of dissertating.  Also, ensure that your proposed source in the libraries listed below is in fact only there (if your source is available at the Huntington or easily accessible elsewhere, that weakens your application.)  So if you’re at the research stage, and your source is available only through these British libraries, please contact Dr. Ferrell or Dr. Easton before proceeding with the application!

The Huntington enjoys several exchange fellowships with Oxford and Cambridge Colleges. One of these fellowships, with Linacre College, is designed to allow humanities scholars from institutions in Southern California to spend a month in residence at Linacre and to enable them to make use of the world-renowned library facilities of Oxford University. The fellowship offers a stipend of $3000 and reimbursement of economy round trip airfare, although the grantee is responsible for paying for the cost of accommodation in college, and the period of residence is restricted to the month of July. Applications from faculty and advanced graduate students at UCLA, USC, Caltech, the Claremont colleges, and other institutions in Southern California are strongly encouraged.

The deadline for all fellowship applications is NOVEMBER 15, 2014.

For more information on the Huntington’s fellowship program and the travel grants in particular, go to:

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