IMPORTANT: New Library Databases

Please see below for some excellent trial databases!  Dr. Ferrell would like to encourage everyone to use these resources, spend some time trying them out, and then email the relevant librarians with recommendations to keep access to these wonderful resources full-time!  Also, MAKE USE OF STATE PAPERS ONLINE! This is a database available to only a select few institutions, and we are finally one of them as of this year!  If we don’t use it, the library won’t renew our subscription.  It’s the premier resource for early modernists.  So use it as much as you possibly can!

Dear Claremont Historians, Religious Studies Scholars, and Classicists,

Please see

Which includes

African-American Newspapers 1827-1998

Bibliography of British and Irish History

Digital Loeb Classical Library

English Historical Documents Online

And the Translated Texts for Historians E-library

Please try out and tell us what you think.  Apologies about the late notice on some of these — some trials will expire at the end of next week.


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