Newberry Graduate Scholar-in-Residence Program

Please see below for an excellent opportunity for ABD students! As always, please contact Dr. Ferrell or Dr. Easton should you wish to apply.

Dear colleagues,

We write to inform you about our Graduate Scholar-in-Residence program at the Newberry. We started the program in 2011-12, to encourage advanced PhD candidates in the humanities to conduct research in our collections and become a part of our community of scholars.

We invite graduate students who have advanced to PhD candidacy to apply for this status for the 2015-16 academic year. Preference will be given to candidates whose dissertation projects are well advanced (within a year of completion) and who demonstrate a need for the Newberry collection. The students who are selected will be provided with research carrels, access to the Newberry during extended hours, and opportunities to present their work-in-progress to the Newberry’s community.

The deadline for all application materials is May 1, 2015. We ask that you kindly forward information on this opportunity to doctoral candidates who you think might be interested (see the attached flyer for additional details).

More information is available at

With thanks,

Diane Dillon
Director of Scholarly and Undergraduate Programs
Interim Vice President of Research and Academic Programs

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