EMS News: Recent Student Achievements

Dr. Ferrell and the Early Modern Studies program congratulate Megan Gallagher (PhD, English) on passing her Qualifying Exams!  We’re all so excited for you, Megan!

CGU English Early Modernist Megan Gallagher has been selected to be a participant in the Newberry Library’s Fall 2015 Dissertation Seminar.

Caroline Carpenter (PhD Candidate, English) served as a Contributing Editor of the 2015 Newberry Essays in Medieval and Early Modern Studies.  Congratulations Caroline!

Marcella J. Stockstill, PhD candidate in Early Modern British History, recently was chosen as one of nine scholars to receive a Newberry Renaissance Consortium Grant to participate in the 2014 Dissertation Seminar for Historians, at the Center for Renaissance Studies. Directed by Constantin Fasolt (University of Chicago) and Zachary S. Schiffman (Northeastern Illinois University), the seminar brings together a broad-based group of graduate students who are working on their dissertations in the late medieval, Renaissance or early modern history of continental Europe (c. 1300-1700). The four-day discussion aims to articulate the larger intellectual and historical significance of each participant’s specialized research. Of equal significance is the opportunity for seminar participants to research primary sources in the Newberry Library archives.

Caroline Carpenter (PhD Candidate, English) was accepted to the 2012 Mellon Summer Institute in English Paleography at the Huntington, and helped to edit “And one of them slayne, but by whom … he Cannot judge”: The pirate depositions taken by Nathaniel Bacon (1576) at the Folger Shakespeare Library.”  Find a description of the project here: http://collation.folger.edu/2013/10/pirates-hats-herring-and-iron-pots-the-case-of-captain-thomas-hubbard/.